Springboard for DevOps and DataOps

Springboard for DevOps and DataOps

snapblocs is the springboard for DevOps and DataOps teams to immediately start building and operating production-level Data Platforms without spending time designing architecture and implementing it from scratch.

Achieve successful evolution of operational excellence by performing frequent minor improvements through safe environments provided by snapblocs.

For example, provision a scaled-down stack with a small-sized cluster to save computing cost and provisioning time. Once familiar with more features and operational capabilities, provision more complex stacks by incrementally adding more components (independent 3rd party software) to the stack or choose another complex Architecture Blueprint.
Manage the entire software lifecycle:
  • Day-0: snapblocs provides a catalog of Architecture Blueprint solutions to help design Data Platform solutions.
  • Day-1: snapblocs provides powerful automation to configure and deploy Architecture Blueprint solutions.
  • Day-2: Deployed solutions are easy to monitor, maintain, optimize, and troubleshoot through the snapblocs self-services software. Also, with snapblocs, pause and resume the running of the Data Platform to save computing costs.
  • End: snapblocs provides a clean way to teardown all dependent resources and infrastructure through easy-to-use self-service automation.
Benefits of Springboard
  • Quick prototype - bring up prototype environments in minutes.
  • Faster release - DevOps and DataOps-friendly platform, accelerate time from POC to production code within an hour.
  • Isolated Kubernetes - create an individual, dedicated cluster that provides an excellent Isolated Kubernetes environment. See the benefits of isolated Kubernetes here.
  • Incremental Iteration - easily start with a scaled-down platform and build up to a more complex, large-sized platform by incrementally scaling up and adding more components.

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