snapblocs Benefits

snapblocs Benefits

Data Platforms drive business growth and innovation
Companies of all sizes need IT data solutions to drive growth and innovation. Before data can be leveraged for that purpose, a big investment, in both cost and effort, to implement the infrastructure is required.

Challenges designing a Data Platform
  • Requires decent-sized DevOps and DataOps teams
  • On average, a year of design, setup, configuration, and optimization
  • Building business solutions can start only when the Data Platform is in place
  • Designing requires many diverse skills, time, and research
  • Time spent on scaling, hardening, and testing
snapblocs solution
snapblocs radically reduce the time, skills, and effort required to design, build and deploy advanced enterprise data engineering and Microservices solutions. A catalog of Architecture Blueprints, known as Stacks, makes it easy to deploy a proven Data Platform infrastructure, expanding what is possible.
snapblocs is ideal for building and operating production-level Data Platforms. Instead of building it from scratch, spend far less time on data architecture design and implementation.
  • Speed time to value, delivering business value sooner
  • Platform Blueprint Library offers ready-to-go production-ready solutions
  • Reduce project risk by leveraging a proven architecture validated by industry common practices
  • SaaS UI allows selection, configuration, deployment, and observability
snapblocs reduces operational burden
  • Ensure optimal integration of components to maximize ROI
  • Reduce costs by optimizing sizing, deployment, and on-going operational needs
  • Versioning supports agile development
  • Manage at scale

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