Quick Guide for Using snapblocs for Free

Quick Guide for Using snapblocs for Free

Sign up for snapblocs for using snapblocs for free without any commitment or costs.

snapblocs provides two plans for using snapblocs for free.
  1. Individual+ plan (Forever free with some restrictions)
  2. Team plan with a 14-day free trial
In both plans, customers can get free credit for AWS cloud costs to freely run, test, and deploy blueprint stacks to snapblocs Sandbox environment on AWS. This credit is called AWS Sandbox credit and will be available for a limited time.
See the detail of the snapblocs plan on the Pricing page.

Use the free-forever Indidual+ plan or the Team plan with AWS Sandbox credit in the snapblocs Sandbox environment. Or, use those plans with the company cloud environment instead of snapblocs Sandbox environment. Anything deployed within the company cloud environment will incur regular cloud costs to the company cloud account. With the snapblocs free Sandbox environment, deploy and run assets without incurring any company cloud costs. However, the latter case does have some limitations, which are detailed below.

Either way, the functionality is the same, and both options are available. For an introduction to snapblocs, click here.

About the free AWS Sandbox credit
Try all features of snapblocs in an active cloud environment at no cost and without asking the IT department for access to the company cloud environment. Visit the home page to claim the free AWS Sandbox credit.  Temporary access permissions to the snapblocs Sandbox environment on AWS cloud provide the ability to create, configure, and deploy stacks made from snapblocs Architecture Blueprints to the snapblocs Sandbox environment without incurring charges.
Whether using the snapblocs Sandbox environment or another company cloud environment to deploy stacks, click here to learn what Provider Access Key is and how to use it.

To maximize the free AWS Sandbox credit, tear down the stack after exploring snapblocs. As a fail-safe, automatic stack termination occurs within 3 hours for any stacks deployed using the free AWS Sandbox credit. 

Continue to deploy stacks as long as the free AWS Sandbox credit is not over for the Individual+ plan, or the limit time is not over for the Team plan. 

Using the company cloud provider environment
To use the company cloud environment instead of the snapblocs Sandbox environment, easily configure a secure access method. Click here to learn how to add the cloud provider Access Key of the company cloud account.

When deploying a snapblocs stack to the company AWS, AWS Provider Access Methods such as AWS IAM Access Keys or cross-account IAM Roles are required. 
When deploying a snapblocs stack to the company Google GCP, access permissions such as GCP Provider Access Method are required.

End of the Free AWS Sandbox Credit 
At any time, upgrade to continue to enjoy all the benefits of snapblocs. 

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