Operational Excellence

Operational Excellence

The primary focus of modern development includes three central concepts:
  • Efficiency
  • Reliability
  • Repeatability
snapblocs allows authorized users (DevOps or DataOps) to quickly provision the target Data Platform stack from available Architecture Blueprints without writing any code.

This process allows:
  • Improve efficiency by quickly building working Data Platform stacks from the catalog of Architecture Blueprints
  • Achieve reliability using pre-built Architecture Blueprints
  • Deliver repeatability, through the snapblocs UI, by providing blueprint configuration templates
After selecting an Architecture Blueprint to build a new stack, customize the stack configuration through the snapblocs UI and deploy the stack into the specified target environment (such as a Dev environment) without writing any code. snapblocs automatically creates a Kubernetes cluster, downloads and integrates required individual components, and provisions the stack for the specified environment.

Once the stack is running, change the stack configuration (e.g., increase the max cluster size) and apply the change to the running stack without bouncing the stack. Also, manually pause or resume the running stack, as needed, to save computing costs.

Therefore, snapblocs makes it easy to repeatedly provision Data Platform infrastructure for quickly building business applications.

The key essentials to operational excellence are snapblocs UI configuration and snapblocs first-in-class provisioning services based on best practices. Provision resources in an orderly and consistent fashion from development through production environments.

The following services and features support the three areas in operational excellence:
  • Prepare: use the snapblocs UI to define the stack configuration and test the stack in the lower environment before deploying to production.
  • Operate: the snapblocs UI allows users to monitor and manage the operational health of a running stack by using built-in Observability (metrics, logs, APM) and alerts to analyze running stacks and to gain actionable insights quickly and securely.
  • Evolve: using snapblocs UI and snapblocs services, start with a small stack implementation and evolve gradually to meet target deployment goals by simply changing stack configurations through the snapblocs UI without interrupting the currently running stack.

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