How to resume a stack

How to resume a stack

Once pausing a stack following here, you can resume the stack.
Note that your cloud account will be charged since you deployed a stack. It is important to teardown your stack when you don't need to keep running to avoid unnecessary charges on your cloud account.

To resume a stack:
  • Click the "Resume" button on the top of the Stack configuration page. (It would take up to 20 minutes to fully resume the stack) The stack status will be changed to Running. 
Once the stack becomes a Deployed state, all Kubernetes worker nodes will be recreated, including the control plan as before the Pause state. During the Deployed state, all Component applications will be accessible as those pods are recreated. Also, the Kubernetes volumes will be attached to pods so that all data will be accessible as before the Paused state.
(Optionally) Click "Provision Log" to browse the resume process.
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